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paying school bills.

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rewards when ever you pay.

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because hardworking families deserve to be celebrated.

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pay bills from the comfort of your home. Instant, fast and hassle-free

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why pay now when you can pay in parts? schools’ can offer customised payment plans to suit family’s budget

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tech wizards built zenda. you don't need
to be one to use it

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safety first, second and third. what's yours,
remains yours.

we love doing what we do, because families love what we do.

hats off to the whatsapp support, helped me out


love the vouchers with every payment, nice bonus


flexibility of pay the fees monthly helps me match my expenses


super easy to use. im never going back to the school to pay


ive got 3 kids. its been helpful for my family to be able to pay monthly


its easy to use, payments are fast, doesnt take much time


like zenda support team, school was off on friday but they helped me out


like the option to split fees into parts, gives flexibility to me


questions you might have.

Is zenda secure?

zenda has been built in collaboration with leading financial and technology partners including Mastercard and Microsoft. All communication is  end-to-end encrypted and cyber security best practices are adhered to.

I’m a parent, how can I use zenda?

You can start using zenda by downloading it from the Apple appstore or Google playstore or by clicking on In case you need help, reach out to us on the app or write to us at

Please note that zenda is a members-only app and only accessible for parents from select schools.

Is there a monthly subscription fee for using the app?

No, there are no subscription fees to use zenda.

Does zenda store my card information?

No, zenda does not store any card information. It works with 3D Secure and PCI DSS compliant partners to process payments.

My school isn’t registered with zenda. What should I do?

Drop us a line at and we’ll reach out to your school!

Are there any charges for making payments through the app?

In some cases, a nominal handling or processing fee might be applicable. There are no hidden charges. In cases where are a charge is applicable, it will be displayed in the app prior to payment initiation.

Have any other questions? Contact us.