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Getting ready to send them back-to-school after vacation? Here's a few zen tips to prepare them better!

1. Reset the alarm clock! Get into the habit of an early morning routine, a week prior.

A week before school reopens, nudge your kids to align to an early morning routine, acclimatizing them to the daily discipline of school days. This way, keep the pressure of going back to school low, & excitement high throughout.

2. Make a doctor’s visit for a quick health check before school reopens.

As the two months long holiday is nearing its end, it may be a good time to make that much needed doctor’s visit for a general health check-up. Once schools reopen, parents often find it difficult to accommodate this important visit during school days.

3. Make a things-to-do & things-to-buy ‘checklist’ as your kids head back to school.

Let the excitement for school start early on! Create a list of everything you need to buy and things-to-do before school reopens. Make sure to add ribbons, goodies & fun stationary to keep the spirits up :)

4. Get your kids to prepare all the school essentials, a night prior to school reopening.

It’s a wise idea to avoid the ‘back-to-school’ morning panic. Help your kids to inculcate a long-term habit of preparing their essentials, clothes & bags, the night before. What better time to begin good habits than ‘right now’ :) 

5. In all the chaos of schools reopening, remember to keep back to school fun!

Going back to school, surely doesn’t mean - ‘fun time is over’! Happy kids, make happy students! As the pressure of schools reopening rises, let’s remember to keep that childhood wonder alive, let’s keep schooling fun!